TCBH Super StageTwin County Bounty Hunters “True Grit” is in the Tally book!  Don’t believe we caught any outlaws in the ‘Nations’ but we sorely vexed a swinging buffalo! Forty shooters enjoyed fun stages, good food, incredible weather and great cowboy camaraderie.

True Grit had our traditional all shotgun stage complete with flying squirrel and we added a swinging buffalo and a bit of precision rifle work this year.

End of the day we got to shoot with some great folks who all seemed to be smilin’ ear to ear. Don’t know if it was the company, the grub, the stages, the prizes or the weather, just know I went home happy even though I heard rumours that the Texas Star or the Polish Plate Rack might be comin’ back next year! Here are the match scores. True Grit scores Here are some pics of the shooters. TCBH True Grit