With a lead colored sky it wasn’t lookin’ good when they started rollin’ in. Lawmen, immigrant sheepfarmers, hired guns, bounty hunters, cowgirls and sidekicks come to resolve the question of “OPEN RANGE”. Forty had heard the call an’ come from north, south, east and west to contribute their lead down range. We even had a truce between the North and the South as Cactus Jack an’ Captn Tyreen  each gave their parole for the day. While it wus lookin’ serious fore awhile, wasn’t long before folks started to smile, “This is great! Not your standard range war, this one’s different but in a good way!” Folks had dusted off guns they seldom shot, or shot them a whole different way and while a few threw dirty looks at the Texas Star they were ready to try it again!  With some good grub at lunch an’ the weather holdin’ off folks went back at ‘er just after high noon.  Super stage an’ flyin’ dynamite were challenges tackled head on and when the dust started to settle it came down to six pards shakin’ hands an’ shootin’ one on one to finally resolve the day.  I just don’t know how to explain how an immigrant sheep farmer an’ a hired gun ended OPEN RANGE! If you want to see more pics check out Bounty Hunter bulletin. Open Range War